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Don’t Ignore the Value of Refresher Training

Every year, the media is filled with stories relating to workplace incidents. However it appears that a number of these industry related incidents are not a simple, unfortunate event but are often a direct result of improper or lack of adequate training.

Investing in refresher training is beneficial for both operators and employers alike. For an employer, this investment can help you to comply with Workplace Transport Safety: An Employer’s Guide (HSG136), paragraph 651, which suggests that refresher training is considered every 3-5 years.

For an operator, refresher training can ensure that their skills and abilities are kept at the required, safe level. As an employer, removing this area of an operator’s development could incur huge costs as a result of damaged stock, downtime due to injuries or in more severe cases, even the death of an individual. In these instances, these costs could be within the region of £10,000s and in some cases could even result in the closure of your business.

The message here is clear: cutting corners will not help you to cut costs. Not only will the elimination of refresher training greatly put the safety of your workers at risk, but may also put the future of your business in jeopardy.

The question is simple: is it really worth the risk?


With IVR Refresher/Renewals due for most Recovery Technicians, contact us for your requirements.

We can tailor the training to suit your requirements whilst achieving the necessary re-qualification criteria.

Course duration is normally reduced by 50% as are the course costings.. (1 day rather than 2).