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IVR Training Courses - THTS

IVR Training Courses

IVR Training, Courses & Modules


There are many reasons to train employees..

Health & Safety legislation is a prime reason, as it provides some protection for the employer, when things go wrong. However, it is not the only reason to train, there are many proven benefits of good training carried out by a qualified & experienced instructor, these include:

  • The provision of a ‘safer’ working environment.
  • Retention of staff & increased productivity.
  • Retention of customers.
  • Vehicles & Equipment being used  professionally, correctly & safely, thereby reducing costs, damage & downtime.
  • Qualified, happier & more content staff with achievable aims & goals.


Refresher Courses

Your Company Staff may be already qualified in the operation of  Recovery Vehicles & Roadside Safety Procedures, but require re-qualification & certification.

Tim Hughes Training Services can provide a 5 yearly refresher programme, leading to re-qualification without the need for repeating basic training, saving you time & money.

Here at THTS our primary objective is to improve the safety of Roadside/Recovery Technicians across all sectors within the industry, it is our belief that it is morally & legally wrong to send an untrained employee out to do a dangerous job without the correct training.


IVR Training Modules

The IVR Training modules form a joint effort from the Automotive Skills body & The Institute of Vehicle Recovery for their certification & training programme of Recovery Operators.

They have now become the industry standard NOS (National Occupational Standards) for the Rescue & Recovery Industry.
Specified by the National Highways Sector Scheme Main-Committee (NHSS 17).

IVR ID Cards & Training ‘Passports’ are available on request

Available Modules

Driver CPC where applicable can be added to some IVR Modules, for a small additional cost.

VR Modules
VR1 Health & Safety (Automotive & Recovery Industry Based).
VR2 Customer Service & Communication Skills.
VR3 Roadside Assessment & Procedures (Dealing with Emergency Situations).
VR4 Ancillary Equipment (Van mounted Trailers, RDT, CRT, VRS etc).
VR5 Spectacle Frames & 2nd Car Lifts.
VR6 Transporters (Light Vehicle Recovery, Slide Beds & Beavertails including SLA).
VR7 Advanced Winching (Light vehicle Recovery).
VR8 Handling Motorcycles (Manual Handling).
VR9 Ancillary Equipment (Motorcycle Recovery).
VR10 Spectacle Frames (Motorcycle Recovery).
VR11 Transporters (Motorcycle Recovery).
VR12 Ancillary Equipment (Heavy Vehicle Recovery Straight Bar).
VR13 Heavy Underlift (Heavy Vehicle Recovery).
VR14 Twin Booms (Heavy Vehicle Recovery Holmes Twin Booms).
VR15 Low Loaders & Heavy Slide Bed Transporters (Sliding Axle & Plant Trailer).
VR16 Advanced Winching (Heavy Vehicle Recovery).
VR17 Lorry Loader Cranes.
VR18 Air Cushions (Heavy Vehicle Recovery).
VR19 Preservation Of Evidence (SOCO).
VR20 Rotators, Top Booms & Foden Recovery (Heavy Vehicle Recovery).
VR21 Recovery Incident Manager.
VR23 Bus & Coach Recovery.
VR24 Inspection Procedures For Recovery Vehicles & Ancillary Equipment.
VR25 RIPV (Rear Impact Protection Vehicle).
VR26 Emergency First Aid At Work (EFAW).
VR27 Electric & Hybrid Vehicles.
VR28 Multideck Transporter Training (Recovery & Salvage).
VR29 Eastrac (Tracked Vehicle Mover).
VR30 Compound & Yard Supervisor.
VR33 4x4 Wheel Driving (Off Road).